Do your eyes feel tired at the end of the day? Dry, itchy, or burning eyes can be a symptom of a relatively new problem – digital eye strain.

According to research by the Vision Council, nine out of ten adults spend more than two hours every day looking at a digital device, whether it’s a work computer, smartphone, television, or mobile device. In fact, six out of ten adults surveyed spend five or more hours a day using a digital device. Digital eye strain is a real medical condition, as the study discovered that office workers experiencing eye strain have changes in their tear fluid similar to patients with dry eye disease, representing a real physiological change.

New technology is now available to address this new condition, and the professionals at Framed Optical can help alleviate the discomfort of digital eye strain while maintaining your overall vision health. Different, specialized lenses are now available that you can use especially when working on a digital device. These lenses limit the amount of blue light that penetrates the eyes, preventing the fatigue caused by prolonged screen time. With or without a prescription, computer eyewear can optimize your vision when working on digital devices.

One of the most popular choices at is an anti-reflective, or AR, lens. Combined with the blue light-blocking feature, an AR lens can reduce reflections from overhead lighting sources. This improves both acuity and contrast for the wearer, and relaxes the eyes.

Ready to address digital eye strain? Consult with the experts at Framed Optical, and discover the options that are best for you. Based on your amount of time interfacing with digital technology and the type of work you’re doing, we can recommend the best lenses that will let you see clearly and consistently, and help your eyes feel relaxed at the end of a long day at the office!




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