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The official beginning of summer is rapidly approaching, but the sunshine and heat always seem to arrive months in advance for Las Cruces. If you, like other desert dwellers, are planning to engage in summertime outdoor activities like hiking, biking, pool parties and barbeques, it’s important that you remember to take the proper precautions against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Did you know that just like your skin, your eyes can be damaged by the sun’s UV radiation?  Just as sunscreen is important for protecting your skin, it is also important that you do your best to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The radiation from the sun can cause eye health issues, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer on the delicate tissue around your eyes. Instead of dealing with the long term medical issues, why not help yourself to a brand new pair of sunglasses?

While Transitions lenses or clip-on sunglasses are a good alternative for some people, why not consider a pair of prescription sunglasses?  Framed Optical has a wide selection of frames that are suitable for both prescription and non-prescription  sunglasses.  In fact, if it’s trendy frames you are searching for, look no further! Framed Optical offers a large variety of designer frames, including 24 of the top brands including Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Gucci, Kate Spade and Prada, to name a few.

The professionals at Framed Optical are available to provide quick and easy solutions to get you the protection your eyes need, with the experience and service you deserve! Let the experts at Framed Optical help you choose the sunglasses that allow you to stay true to your personal style while also protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun!




If you suffer from allergies, you know what a mixed blessing springtime in Southern New Mexico can be. As the air starts to warm and the trees burst back to life, countless plants release pollen into the air, and our frequent springtime dust storms exacerbate the effect of these allergens. Although the most common symptoms of allergies include sneezing, sniffling, and congestion, the eyes can also become red, itchy, and swollen.


Eye allergies are a result of the body’s immune system misinterpreting an allergen as a more common threat, like a virus or infection. The mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the whites of the eyes comes into contact with something that triggers the eye to release histamine and other substances, which make the eyes itchy and watery. This sort of reaction is also common with exposure to dogs and cats for some people. Regardless of the source, the reaction is generally miserable and is absolutely no fun for the sufferer!


To avoid allergic reactions in the eyes, you can try to isolate yourself from common environmental triggers by not going outside on windy days, or by wearing sunglasses to help block pollen. If that doesn’t work, over-the-counter and prescription medications can provide short-term relief, too. Use eye drops containing ketotifen for up to 12 hours of relief, or take a look at oral antihistamines like Claritin or Zyrtec. If these tactics don’t do the trick, you can talk to your doctor about prescribing specific eye drops that include combination antihistamine-mast cell stabilizers and corticosteroids.


If you’re one of the unlucky people that seem to battle allergies year-round, there are special sunglasses you can consider to help reduce itchy, red, watery eyes. Several companies offer specialized sunglasses, with unique form-fitting features that help shield your eyes from extraneous pollen and dust. Wrap-around frames that fit tightly against your skin can help block some of the allergens. There are also glasses with face-fitting inserts behind the frames that provide an even more secure seal between the skin and eyewear. The experts at Framed Optical welcome the opportunity to show you the latest choices in lenses and frames that can help reduce your exposure to allergens.


Speaking of stylish, functional frames, there’s something else that’ll make your eyes water right now, and it’s not pollen. For a limited time, Framed Optical is offering 35% OFF PRADA and DIOR frames – so if it’s time to upgrade your look, Framed Optical can help you select from some of the top, brand-name designer frames at unprecedented discounts.


And that’s nothing to sneeze at!




Your eyes are pretty well attuned to protect themselves from danger. Think about how your eyes water when it’s dusty, or how you automatically close your eyelids when something unexpected approaches your face. These are your body’s defense systems for the eyes. During Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month, there’s a lot more you can do to protect your peepers while on the job.


Every day, over 2,000 Americans suffer an eye injury at work, and over one million have lost some sight due to this. Most of these injuries could have been prevented with the use of effective safety eyewear. In fact, it’s estimated that 90 percent of workplace eye injuries could have been prevented if safety eyewear had been used.


Of course, there are different types of safety eyewear based on the type of environment a person works in. For example, welders must wear helmets or goggles with very dark glass so that their eyes aren’t damaged by the intense light and ultraviolet radiation emitted by welding. Medical professionals wear face shields to prevent the transmission of various viruses or germs, including pink eye. Janitors or employees that work around strong chemicals also should wear splash-proof safety goggles.


The most common eye protection on the worksite is clear safety goggles, simple devices you wear like sunglasses that protect against flying objects, particles, and other airborne hazards. These safety goggles can be used for a multitude of tasks, including common chores around the house. Pruning trees, weed whacking, mowing the lawn, working on the family car, using cleaning chemicals in the bathroom, and many other hazardous jobs around the house can benefit from the proper use of safety goggles to protect your eyes.


If you work in an office environment, you might not have much risk from flying wrenches or spewing hydraulic hoses, but there are unique dangers found behind the keyboard. Computer vision syndrome can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and dry-eyes. Simple solutions for eye safety at the office can include wearing the proper eyewear to protect your eyes during prolonged computer use, such as blue blocking lenses, and anti glare coatings to help prevent eye strain and fatigue.  Sometimes it also helps to use some over-the-counter lubricating eye drops to keep everything properly hydrated.


As with every other aspect of good eye health, annual vision exams are key to catching any problems early. If your job requires safety eyewear check out our selection of Wiley-X safety glasses for the very best in eye protection. The experts at Framed Optical can help you select lenses and frames that work best with your everyday environment.




Keep Your Eyes Excellent!

As you may have noticed, your eyes are pretty amazing things. Not only the way they focus and work in all kinds of light conditions, but how relatively low maintenance healthy eyes can be. Taking care of your eyes is generally pretty easy, but as we get older, there will be inevitable changes, and it will become more important to protect and take care of your eyesight.

Some of the more common drawbacks of getting older can be the need for reading glasses, or having more difficulty driving at night. Older people can also face the prospect of eventual cataract surgery, or even glaucoma. The point is, it’s important to do whatever you can to take care of your aging eyes!

Here’s how easy it can be to keep your eyes in top condition: look at the plate in front of you on the table. Diet plays a big part in keeping your eyes healthy, so when your mom used to tell you to eat all your carrots, she wasn’t kidding! Carrots and other beta-carotene vegetables can help keep age-related vision troubles from happening. And as much as you loved mom’s cooking, protecting your peepers doesn’t end with carrots!

For example, citrus fruits and berries are rich in Vitamin C, which has been proven to reduce the likelihood of cataracts. Egg yolks are an excellent source of Lutein and Zinc, which help prevent macular degeneration. Guess what else is a good source of Zinc? Kidney beans and lentils!

Leafy, green vegetables are jam-packed with healthy antioxidants, which also help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. If you’re not a big fan of spinach, collard greens, or kale, try a green smoothie instead! Fatty fish like tuna and salmon provide a great source of DHA, a fatty acid found in the retina that helps avoid dry eye syndrome. Don’t forget your whole grains, which are as good for your heart as your eyes. The low glycemic index of whole grains also helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

So what’s for dessert? Grab a handful of almonds, which treats your body to a healthy dose of Vitamin E. Taking care of your eye health can be as easy as eating healthy, and that’s the kind of healthcare that’s easy for everyone!

glasses test chart macro closeup


Vision is one of our most important senses, but it can be easy to take it for granted. That’s why National Eye Care Month is a great time to take a moment and think about how you’re taking care of your eyes.

Framed Optical knows about the importance of regularly scheduled eye checkups and proper care. It’s a great idea to have your eyes checked every year, even if you don’t feel like your prescription has changed much. Even if you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses, it’s important to monitor your eye health just like you would an annual physical.

There are a lot of easy ways to take care of your vision and to prevent some common problems. For example, just like so many other aspects of your health, exercise and nutrition are important for your vision. Leafy green vegetables provide valuable antioxidants, which help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Exercise helps reduce high blood pressure, which has been linked to vision problems. Smoking is also very hard on the eye’s blood vessels, it constricts and stiffens the vessels and deprives the tissue of proper oxygenation, and can also contribute to the progression of cataracts.

In our part of the world, protection from sun exposure is important. Proper protection from ultraviolet radiation helps prevent cataracts, pterygiums, and skin cancers on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, so you should use sunglasses with 100% ultraviolet protection. Remember that tint alone doesn’t mean that you have UV protection – clear glasses can have ultraviolet protection, and dark lenses may have no benefit whatsoever. Be sure to understand what type of lenses your sunglasses have.

Annual eye checkups are the best line of defense against vision problems. If your prescription needs updating, it’s the best time to take a look at the best vision correction options for your eyes, including ultraviolet coatings. Framed Optical offers one of the best selections of top-name designer frames to choose from, letting you update your style while taking care of your vision. Call us today, and let’s celebrate National Eye Care Month in style!

A stressful day at the office


Do your eyes feel tired at the end of the day? Dry, itchy, or burning eyes can be a symptom of a relatively new problem – digital eye strain.

According to research by the Vision Council, nine out of ten adults spend more than two hours every day looking at a digital device, whether it’s a work computer, smartphone, television, or mobile device. In fact, six out of ten adults surveyed spend five or more hours a day using a digital device. Digital eye strain is a real medical condition, as the study discovered that office workers experiencing eye strain have changes in their tear fluid similar to patients with dry eye disease, representing a real physiological change.

New technology is now available to address this new condition, and the professionals at Framed Optical can help alleviate the discomfort of digital eye strain while maintaining your overall vision health. Different, specialized lenses are now available that you can use especially when working on a digital device. These lenses limit the amount of blue light that penetrates the eyes, preventing the fatigue caused by prolonged screen time. With or without a prescription, computer eyewear can optimize your vision when working on digital devices.

One of the most popular choices at is an anti-reflective, or AR, lens. Combined with the blue light-blocking feature, an AR lens can reduce reflections from overhead lighting sources. This improves both acuity and contrast for the wearer, and relaxes the eyes.

Ready to address digital eye strain? Consult with the experts at Framed Optical, and discover the options that are best for you. Based on your amount of time interfacing with digital technology and the type of work you’re doing, we can recommend the best lenses that will let you see clearly and consistently, and help your eyes feel relaxed at the end of a long day at the office!




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